Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 20: Apple & Cinnamon Twist (Heath & Heather)

One of the girls in my church gave me a lovely gift the other day. She had gone through her own tea cupboard and chosen a selection of new teas, together with a little list of what each tea was. I loved it. I'm getting to the depths of my own tea cupboard, and whilst there are still many there to have, I love getting brand-new ones, some of which I don't have and perhaps have never tried.

Today I chose the Apple & Cinnamon Twist. I've turned this blog into a partial photography blog also, since it's such fun to take photos of the different teas. But taking photos of cups and teabags can get a little tired, so I've begun looking for new things that complement the tea title to go along with. Today I scoured my cooking ingredients and discovered a whole stack of cinnamon sticks, and of course I still have the multitude of apples from the random apple-shoot day.  So, I played around with cinnamon sticks and ribbon and the Heath & Heather tea tag, and created something that I thought would make lovely favours for a rustic wedding.  I haven't had one of these yet, but I'm sure I will one day - apples and cinnamon sticks and barns and cowboy boots and iced tea and country ribbons.  For now, I'll create my own apple-cinnamon beauty and try it in a tea.

I added the cinnamon stick and a piece of freshly-cut apple to my tea, and it's incredible. The sweet-bitter-spicy-sour taste of the cinnamon, with the crisp tartness of the fresh apple slice, bring out all those same flavours that are in the tea itself. Well done, Heath & Heather!

My walk today was excellent. I went out, not really feeling up to it (it's Monday, after all, AND a bank holiday), and was striding along purposefully when I walked past the binmen and their weekly, smelly work. One of them saw me walking and said cheerily, whilst wheeling a bin away, "You're doing well today!" and smiled. "We should be going a walk like this lassie," he added to his fellow worker, who grunted and carried on with moving the bins.  I waved cheerfully and carried on. It's amazing how the slightest 'throw-away' comment (from a binman!) can give that slightest bit of encouragement that you need one day.  I've had a lot of comments from people as I walk along every day - some negative, some positive. Most about the weather, many just to say hello or good morning. Sadly, I get used to many people having a negative or grumpy attitude, and do my best to wish people a cheerful good morning in the hopes that it will become one for them, even if it isn't already. But this binman found a way to inspire and encourage and support, with one small and cheerful statement while doing a job that most people would turn their noses up at.  Literally.

So if you see someone out walking, or out running, don't hesitate to cheer them on.  Wish them a good day. Tell them they're doing well today. Encourage your fellow workers or friends to do what they are doing. Encourage yourself to do it. And even if you're surrounded by rubbish of any kind - physical, emotional, spiritual - turn on the light and rejoice.  It can make someone's day, and their walk, and their perspective. 

The sun is coming out now. I'm surprisingly not as tired as I would have thought, considering that I ran for three short portions of my walk instead of just walking. And I'm enjoying my spicy-sweet tea, courtesy of my good friend Caitie. Thanks darlin!
Walk/run length: 35 minutes (faster when I run more!)


  1. THAT explains the apple bits and ribbon on the table!! Lovely photos, makes me want to dress up in those cowboy boots, haha!

  2. 'apples and cinnamon sticks and barns and cowboy boots and iced tea and country ribbons' sounds wonderful! :)