Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 1: Classic Scottish Tea

I love how once you've decided to do something, things seem to come together for you.  And even if it's not perfect, it fits. After deciding that today was the day I would begin my new walking challenge, I got a text from one of the girls in the church who was shopping in Airdrie and wanted to know if I could meet up. 

I decided it was Time for Tea and so walked to the town centre and we found a wee tea shop that was still open (Auld's).  I had hoped for some special, different kind of tea, and enquired whether they had anything herbal or decaffeinated, and the lady at the counter  looked at me with no expression and said "No, we just have tea."

So, tea it was!

 It's actually kind of fitting.  "Plain ol' tea", poured from a little silver teapot and with a tiny jug of milk.  I hadn't had a cup of 'normal' tea in a really long time, so I thought it went very well with the first day of my challenge.  The kids with me were thrilled to be part of Day One of my new challenge, so we took a few photos to commemorate the occasion.  I even managed to pour the tea and take the photo at the same time, which I thought was pretty great.  Caitlin had a caramel shortcake, which goes incredibly well with Scottish tea, and Calvin had a steak bridie ("I don't even know what that is!").  I liked the enthusiasm of ordering something brand-new.

We had a lovely time blethering away, me drinking tea out of a teacup and Calvin finishing it off in the mini milk jug; then things disintegrated into vinegar being poured into the dregs of the tea and Calvin asking me how much I would give him if he drank it all....I offered him all the change I had (£1.47 to be exact) but unfortunately he just couldn't stomach drinking tea-dregs-with-vinegar.  Neither Caitlin nor I could either, so we let him off.  He managed a small sip which was judged to be worth 50 pence.  I think he considered it a hard day's work!

We dandered in a few charity shops and then I went back home - I hardly noticed the walk today, but that's because the rain was threatening the whole time, so I hurried a bit to get back into the dry. 

I'd say today was a very successful first day of tea!

Walk length: 20 minutes


  1. Man, I'D drink vinegar tea dregs for 1.50!!

  2. That was a nice little earner for Calvin! A good cup of Scottish tea sounds like just the job for the start of your challenge.

  3. Haha thanks, I think he was crushed to have missed out on the rest, but he did well!