Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 14: Chai Tea Latte

Today's tea is Chai Tea Latte. This is a mix that can be combined with water, but I usually use milk for a creamier, smoother taste. It's sweet - very sweet - the cardamom-flavour of chai mixed with milk and sugar and almost a cinnamony flavour. It's probably the closest thing you can have to coffee whilst still having tea...but then chai is a strange and different tea. Literally meaning 'spiced tea' and then used in a variety of formats, I'd highly recommend it!

My walk this morning (blogging late here, this was Monday) reminded me of the pleasure of taking the same walk every day. It means I'm a lot more disciplined - my walks tend to be about the same length every day, about 45 minutes. I've started running just a little bit each day - some days more, some days less - not pressuring myself or being competitive (very difficult for me not to do), but just trying to enjoy the time. I've always liked running, and would love to get back into it if my health will allow. No matter how full my mind is, the second I move from even fast walking to running, it's like the mind gets wiped blank, in a good way. Suddenly all there is to focus on is the next, next, next step...and all the things I need to do and places to go and people to see drifts away.  And I'm actually getting a break.

Enjoy your own tea today!

Walk length: 45 minutes

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  1. I got Megan and Stacy to try a chai latte that night we went to the BIg Mouth Coffee Co, they hadn't had one before, but I think it went down well!