Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day 17: Pomegranate Pizzazz!

Today's tea is a real zinger! Funnily enough, I was scouring my cupboards for a new kind of tea (I'm starting to seriously consider whether I can make it through the entire 90 days with the contents of my existing tea cupboard - it truly is amazing what's in there), and came across this one, labelled excitingly 'Pomegranate Pizzazz'. I looked at it with suspicion, as I vaguely remembered trying it in the past and not being overly impressed. But, that's one of the beauties of this blog, is that it forces me to Try New Things and Break Out Of My Routine, so I leaped in and set the tea to steep.

While it waited, I discovered that the Pink Lady apples my sister had bought today would look much better sitting in a tea cup, so I set them all in it and once they were there (they seemed to balance themselves), I pulled out the camera and had a little apple photo shoot. The apples appreciated it, I think, and they did well. :)

Now on to the tea. I am incredibly impressed with the genuine pizzazz of this tea...the packaging proclaimed that it was flavoured with Real Fruit Juice, and I can definitely taste the difference! Having become used to drinking other teas, many of which are loose leaf, I am becoming adept at savouring the various influences. This tea most definitely has fruit juices in it, because it gives a depth of fruit that would not normally be present in just the tea leaves.  That got me wondering what kind of tea leaves they are, after all, considering I've never heard of pomegranate leaves being used for tea leaves (although I wouldn't put it past anyone to do so - the more tea I drink the more amazed I am at the possibilities!).  I checked the back of the packet to find that this tea uses apple, hibiscus, and blackberry leaves, combined with the flavours of pomegranate, orange peel, licorice root, and pomegranate and apple juices.  It's excellent.  'Full bodied', I think I would say.  I steeped it for almost five minutes, which was a good choice...sometimes steeping tea too long ruins the flavour, but this one is just right.  (I just took another sip to discover that five minutes is the max, and quick took out the tea bag and threw it away.)

I had company for my walk today - a little 'pizzazz' for the walk as well as the tea! My sister came with me and we went a little different route but still about my usual length - I'm finding that a mere 20 minutes is not quite enough.  I ran, a little, today, though not much - and passed an older man with a little brown dog, both of whom I see almost every morning. It's nice, running into the same people (not literally). It gives me a sense of routine, of consistency, of discipline, of continuity.

Walk length: 50 minutes

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  1. So glad to be along for the pizzazzy adventure! :)