Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 18: Cranberry, Raspberry, & Elderflower

Tonight we all went out to the Big Mouth Coffee Company in Glasgow, which kindly stayed open late for us. I perused the board of drinks, almost deciding on a coffee, when I realised that here was an opportunity for a new kind of tea! I was hoping they had a whole variety of loose leaf teas, but this is a coffee company, so I chose from one of the multitude of boxes of herbal teas, and made the lady spell out all the different flavours so I could make sure that the tea I chose wasn't one that I already had.

My choice was Cranberry, Raspberry, and Elderflower - and I got a slice of Oreo cake to go along with it.  Man, that was good. Before I get on with explaining what the tea was like, let me tell you about this cake. A dark chocolate biscuit-y layer at the bottom; light chocolate mousse; cream; and oreo cookie bits. And probably a few other things I've missed. Wow, that was amazing. I realised only two or three bites short of finishing it that I hadn't shared any with my sister yet so I had to right that quickly before it was all gone!

The tea was a classic over-fruity one. The elderflower is nice, makes for a light flavour to go with the dark cranberry and raspberry fruits. I'm not quite sure what to do with this kind of tea to enjoy the full cup - it seems the first sip or so are really nice, and then it gets too dark. I think it's the kind that you have to carefully calculate the steeping time, and if it goes even 30 seconds beyond that, it's bitter and sharp instead of light and sweet.  But we enjoyed the coffee house, and I even spoke to the owner about taking photos of it for her in the future! It's such a beautiful place - bright red walls and funky different chairs (and very comfortable soft seats in the back)...and good coffee, too. Or wait - I might need to try that next time!

My walk today was the usual, just another step in the montage. I ran a little, but not much, and I press on.

Walk length: 45 minutes

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