Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 68: Whittard's Peppermint

I'm a bit worn out on blogging the last few days.  I've been walking (and even running some) faithfully every day, but I have to confess it's been a struggle to find a new tea, taste it, photograph it, and blog about it every day.  So, I'm catching up on a series of days. 

Today's was Whittard's Peppermint. The thing I like peppermint tea for is when I have a cold. When it's chilly and raining outside, and I'm snug in my bed with the duvet wrapped around me and warm socks on and a cup of minty tea for my throat, which is aching.  This wasn't the case today, which is good in many ways, but it does make it kind of odd to just randomly have a cup of peppermint tea.

Peppermint also made me think of those American sticks of candy, the striped ones? My sisters and I went to a place in Arizona called the Blazin' M Ranch, and they had a little sweet-shop that sold those striped sticks, and I bought several of them.  I think I was supposed to give them as gifts, but somehow they just ended up in my house, so every once in a while I pull one out and enjoy it.

I think I'll do that tonight!

Walk length: 35 minutes

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