Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 57: Organic White Tea (Pai Mu Tan)

Today was a pre-wedding shoot with Robert and Lorna in Belfast.  It's only a few days since I arrived back in Scotland from the States, but as I said to a friend later that day, flying from Edinburgh to Belfast is like taking public transport.  I had no luggage with me, so it was a matter of dandering through the airport, editing a few photos on my laptop while I waited for the flight to board, and then a 20 minute flight and I was there.

We had an amazing day, and a very full one. We started off with breakfast at a little place called The Yellow Door (interestingly enough on our way there I spotted the Green Door and the Amber Window and several other similar restaurants - a popular notion!), and of course I asked for tea.  They brought out an entire box of teas for me to choose from, and I hesitated for quite some time before finally deciding on an organic white.

I don't think I've had a 'plain' white tea yet, and this one was described as a white peony tea, which sounded perfect to me.  And it was.  I really, really love white teas.  And on a day when I'm doing a pre-wedding shoot, and looking at wedding venues and sprinkling rose petals and taking photos of beautiful engagement rings, a white tea is just right.  I think if I got married I would love to have an entire tea bar of white teas - there are so many and they have such incredibly beautiful names!  And anything white goes well with a wedding :)

So we went to the venue where Robert and Lorna are getting married (the Dunadry - a gorgeous place!), where they spent ages going over the tiniest of details with their wedding coordinator.  Meanwhile I wandered the grounds and found beauty everywhere.  And then it was on to Dunluce Castle, and White Rocks beach for some fun shots, and after a quick dinner I was off on the flight again (through a completely empty security - nine security guards and one little me!) and home before 10!  An amazing day, and a lovely tea to start it off with.

Walk length: All over! Hard to say.


  1. Sounds like a full but beautiful day!! The shots you took turned out so well!!!! Lots of great pose ideas!

    The white tea bar is such a neat idea -- am now wondering what that peony white tasted like. Maybe Teas Me has something similar....

  2. Am with both of you there, the white tea bar sound enticing. Hope my next flight goes as well as this one - love the shot of the couple with the coloured petals in the air!