Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 61: Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Decaf (with White Tea)

This is a tea I picked up in the States.  I have perfected the art of the self-decaffeinated green tea, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes I leave the teabag in too long, despite my best efforts, and lie awake at night.  Other times I don't leave it in long enough, and it's like drinking lightly coloured hot water.  I thought this might be the answer.

I do like this tea, as an alternative and something to drink late at night.  It's no loose-leaf, certainly, but it has a decent green flavour without being too overwhelming, although I can't really have more than one cup at a time.  There's no lovely mango or peach or cranberry flavouring to help it along, so it's a bit plain.  The white tea (which, according to the box, has been added for a 'smoother taste') definitely does help things along.  I do like the combination, and am now thinking about how I could do a little combo of my own with my loose-leaf teas!

Another successful walk/run this morning - nothing exceptional to say here except that I am definitely back in the pattern, and enjoying it.  And the weather right now is so perfect I couldn't be happier.  Sunshine, but not too warm; a breeze, but not a wind; a few clouds, but nothing cold.  I think what's amazing in the UK is that there is such a tendency to give up hope.  "Lovely day," I'll say to someone, and inevitably the response will be, "Yes, it's nice finally" or "It's only meant to last till tomorrow" or something like that.  I say, enjoy it while you have it!  I even went to the lengths of insisting on being cheerful while waiting in the queue at the post office today, and I think I might be in danger of losing my British citizenship over it.

Walk on!

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