Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 56: Pear Helene Green Tea (loose leaf)

Well, I need to admit it.  I'm a loose-leaf-tea snob now.  Having spent a few weeks in the States trying loads of different tea cafes, loose leaf teas, teabag-teas, and just about everything there is, and then coming home with more packets of loose leaf teas than I should probably admit to, I'm really finding it difficult to simply toss a teabag into a cup of hot water and drink it.  The intense flavours, the sweetness, the fresh flavour of loose leaf tea of any kind has spoiled me rotten for any other kind of tea - at least for a little while.

Today's tea was my 'bonus' tea that I got because I bought so many at Souvia (the day I tried the Angels' Kiss green tea with Betty).  It's called Pear Helene, and has little pieces of dried candied pear pieces in with the green tea leaves.  It also includes marigold flowers, the packet says, and originated in Germany. There's an interesting aspect I haven't looked into yet - the origination of all the different teas. I never really had a burning desire to go to China, but I definitely do now. I'd love to go somewhere to see the tea plants and the drying leaves and the whole process from beginning to end!  This Pear Helene tea is another perfect example of an excellent fruity green tea - light, so light that there seems to be very little flavour, but like walking through flowers and yet not overwhelmed.

I have to confess I can't even remember what my walk was like this day.  I'm writing this blog post many days after the fact, so my best guess is that I walked down to my local grocery store and stocked up on supplies!

Walk length: 15 minutes

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