Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 50: Thai Bobo Iced Tea (Little Saigon)

Tonight I went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Little Saigon in Phoenix with my sister and her family, and they had a tea on the menu which I hadn't had before: Thai Bobo Iced Tea.  It's a very, very sweet drink which tastes a little like a mild coffee with loads of cream, and then these gummy berry things that look like blueberries and tasted like very gummy, bland cookie dough that doesn't disintegrate.  (Turns out they're tapioca pearls.)  Zach and Luke and I went for a walk on the little trail behind their house, and Zach and I went around it twice, running half of it.  Very helpful to have someone else along for the run!

Overall I had a brilliant time with my sister's family, with lots of laughs with (and at) my four nephews, and I am now going to bed!

Walk/run length: 35 minutes

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  1. And now I'm even more jealous!!! I've been wanting to have "bubble tea" for so long!! i think next time I swing by the international grocery store, I will look for those pearls and maybe I can find a recipe on line. Someone told me about it years ago and it has alluded me ever since!