Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 38: Organic Green Tea (Loose Leaf)

When I arrived in Arizona a few days ago, my sister had waiting for me in my room a beautiful basket by MR Designs and Gifts (amazing baskets!) - all about green tea! My favourite!  There were green tea sweets, and biscuits, and a box of organic green tea in little 'infusion packets', and biscotti (to go with the tea), all wrapped up in a beautiful basket and a cup-of-tea-plant-holder. At least that's what it looks like!  I had so much fun taking photos of the beautiful basket that I'm sure my sister was wondering if I was ever going to drink the tea.

I did though - opened up the organic green tea and took out one of the infusion packets and brewed myself a lovely cup. It was amazing. Usually I like my green tea with fruity flavours, to remove any bitterness and give a new taste to it, but this is amazing tea.  ("Only the best for MR baskets," Pin said, and I think that's true.) It had all the best of what green tea has to offer, and nothing that would hold you back from drinking the entire cup.  It's hard to say what I love so much about green tea. I like that it's light, and you don't need to add anything to it to enjoy the flavours. It truly is refreshing: first thing in the morning, when I don't feel like eating or drinking anything, I can drink a cup of green tea and enjoy the beginnings of the new day.  Many times I've gotten up thinking 'I really don't want to start this day' and by the time I've taken a few sips and started my morning pages, things are definitely looking up.  And maybe it's all the antioxidants and healthful aspects...which is surprising, since often the things that are healthiest for you taste pretty miserable (like the 'Green Vibrance' powder my mum was drinking, which smelled and tasted like moldy dirt and grass combined).

I went for a long walk with my sister this morning - even ran almost half of it, which was a nice change.  We made it out before it got too hot, but we were still pretty weary when we got back.  As Pin said, "Instead of 'I am woman hear me roar', it's 'I'm weak as a kitten but I can try'."   I like the confidence!

So in the afternoon I sat in my dad's crazy rocking chair (you sit in it and nearly get flung backwards - true story!), rocking carefully, drinking my organic green tea and feeling pretty happy about myself. And about gift baskets, and sisters, and being in sunny Arizona!

Walk/run length: 50 minutes

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