Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 49: Lipton White Tea To Go (Apple & Cranberry)

Today we went out shopping and found a box of iced-tea-to-go, which I'd never heard of, but since it was a white tea (with apple and cranberry), which is one of my favourite teas, I thought I'd give it a shot.

It came in these cute little packets that you could open and pour into a bottle of water, so I went ahead with that.  Knowing white tea as I do, there was definitely a white flavour to it, but in a very pale, Lipton-like flavour.  Also some sugar to it, I think, which I never usually include.  The faint fruity flavours came through also - white tea is very light anyway, so it's like drinking lightly flavoured sweetened water.

I had absolutely no desire to go out for a walk today.  But the quote of the day was "Champions get up when they can't" (Jack Dempsey) - for me, I think it's more that this champion gets up and gets going when I won't. Today I did that.  It was hot, and I was sluggish, and I could hardly run.  So off I went.

Walk length: 30 minutes

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  1. oh Lipton, dear friend, it's amazing we actually keep trying to drink you!

    Haven't seen this before......interesting idea.