Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 48: Vanilla Chai Decaf Tea

So I've been having so much fun with my sister and nephews in Chino Valley that these blog posts are going to be pretty short!

Tonight (Monday) we sorted through my sister's tea box and chose the Vanilla Chai decaf.  I had great help from two of my nephews, and my favourite photo was of the youngest, who held up the tea packet with a very grave face.  'Smile,' I said, and this amazingly happy, sunshiny, beautiful smile broke out.  Love it!!

As with all chai teas, milk or cream is required to make it taste like a 'proper' chai - so we added a Cinnabon Creamer that we had gotten that day at the grocery store. Amazing. Added that cinnamon flavour to the vanilla, just perfect for a chai. 

Early in the morning I went for a walk in Flagstaff, on a nearby trail to where we were staying, with a little running, but not much.  It's hard to run when I don't know how far the trail goes.  But it was beautiful weather - even at 6am not even that cold, with a blue sky and only a few clouds.

Walk length: 30 minutes

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