Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 39: Arizona Green Tea With Ginseng & Honey (Iced)

For my tea today I'm using the Arizona Green Tea that I drank on Thursday.  But that was going to be my tea that day until I was pleasantly surprised by the tea cabinet and teas available by our new friends in Tucson!

Arizona Iced Teas are something completely foreign to my fellow British citizens (my sister says that I like to throw that into the conversation every chance I have - like someone who just got engaged and keeps reaching out for things with her left hand, perhaps!).  Taking perfectly good tea and then icing it? Why would anyone do that?  Well, one of my answers would be that after walking for even a few minutes in 100 degree heat, you pretty much want everything iced.  So I picked up an Arizona Iced Tea at the petrol station (I mean, gas station!), and the only flavour they had was green tea with ginseng and honey.  It was really good, actually.  All the beauty of green tea, and yet the possibility of drinking it when it's absolutely roasting outside.  There are plenty other flavours which I can try while I'm here, so I'm looking forward to those.

Today was a really quiet day. I've been doing a lot, so I said no to everything (and I had some great opportunities) and just edited photos from the wedding last week and answered emails and studied the Bible and wrote some blog posts.  My walk today consisted of going down to the local mexican restaurant for 'father daughter bonding lunch' with my dad.  We do that every time I'm back in Arizona, and pretty much cover life, God, love, my girls, money, inheritances (spiritual and temporal), business, health, family, friends, and anything else important to me and to him.  I sure love my Dad.  One of the things I love the most about him is that he is truly a man of rest. He has learned the balance of working very hard, and doing everything he can do, and when that is done, to do nothing. Or sit and think. Or read a book, watch a film, talk to his family, stare out the window, study the Word, or send emails - but all to enable him to get back up and get working when the time comes.  I've learned a lot from my dad about resting, and today was a fairly quiet and restful day.

And tomorrow is a day of God-prescribed rest. Hooray!

Walk length: 15 minutes

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