Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 71: Africana Tea (Uganda)

Today, in honour of the fact that I was shooting a wedding here in (wet and rainy) Scotland, I drank some of the African Tea that my friends Jim and Jenny handed out at their wedding back in the States.  Jim and Jenny are missionaries in Uganda, and there were Ugandan tea and coffee to choose from at their reception.

So, after a day of shooting another beautiful bride and groom, I thought I'd choose this tea to enjoy!

It's a very light tea - lighter than I expected. I think because I've been thinking Uganda, dirt, mud huts, etc., I was expecting something a little more like a rooibos tea - musty and almost 'dirty', and full of flavour.  This one is really lovely - you could drink several cups of it easily, and it doesn't need milk or any additions to bring out the taste (or to hide it!).

Thanks Jim and Jenny!

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