Monday, 11 July 2011

Day 79: Orange, Mango, & Cinnamon

Twinings 'Moment of Calm', it says on the packet. Just breathe...ahhhhh.

I love anything with citrus. Today was a very full and fairly exhausting day (and momentous, for reasons that are too long for this blog!), so I enjoyed my orange mango and cinnamon tea and a good long chat with my mum and sister. The tea was heavy on the orange and mango and low on the cinnamon, just the way I like it...and yet it was red in colour, which confuses me a little bit. Orange, yellow, and brown...result? Red. I'm not sure what else is in there but it's a good calming tea, as promised.

Went for my walk at 7.15 this morning even though I reeeeeeally didn't feel like it (was trying to convince myself that I shouldn't go, I needed to rest), but was thrilled that I did and came up with all kinds of great ideas for my photography business and my life in general! More on that in future!

Walk length: 35 minutes

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