Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day 89: Rest

It may seem a little strange to include days of rest as part of the 90 day challenge.  I've had a few people say that I should take the rest, but not count it as the 90 days.  But if I've learned anything about rest, it's that it is essential to our lives, essential to everything we do.  Rest is just as much a part of our achievements as the work, because it is the rest which enables us to achieve that which we spend ourselves for.  I could not do the walking, the writing, the photography, so consistently if I did not take a day off, completely off, each week.  We still count a week as being 7 days, even when we take the first day off to worship and sleep and read and pray and do none of our usual pursuits.  And so I still count my 90 day challenge as being a full 90 days, even when twelve of those were days of rest.

Enjoy your rest today!

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