Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day 77: Twinings Ceylon Tea

Ceylon is another tea I've wanted to try for a while, but it didn't seem very 'exciting', in terms of exotic flavours and brilliant just seems like 'plain old tea'.  If tea can ever be described that way.

And in many ways Ceylon is just that. It's just tea. My friend Audrey, who turns up her nose at my fancy and special teas, would enjoy this one just fine with a bit of milk and a biscuit.  I suppose it's one of the finer teas that doesn't overwhelm you with a strange or new taste. But what I found most interesting about Ceylon is that when I tried it lightly steeped, leaving the teabag in for a short time, it tasted dark and almost bitter. Not a big fan. So I let the teabag sit and steep for almost 10 minutes while I edited photos, and when I came back and tried the second cup, it was really nice! Either I got the bitterness right out at the start (my green decaffeination process again), or it just does better when steeped longer!

Didn't feel like going out for a walk this morning, so I did.  I'm finding that even at my most tired, my morning walk really does set the tone for the day. Today the skies were grey but bright, and I came back all enthused and glad I went out in the first place.

Walk on!

Walk length: 35 minutes

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  1. Am with you on the 'do it when you don't feel like it", sis - did my one-hour walk today. Am so used to 30 minutes that it's a real struggle to do more.